Adopt Bhoori

picture of Bhoori with mouth open as if smiling
orange heart
picture of Bhoori looking attentively into the distance
picture of Bhoori walking around the sanctuary
picture of Bhoori before she was rescued, with a rope through her muzzle

Meet Brave Bhoori

Female, brown Himalayan bear

Bhoori, whose name means ‘brown lady’, is a 16-year-old ex-bear baiting bear.

Like all the bears at the sanctuary, Bhoori’s past life is a sad one. Prior to her rescue, she was controlled with a thick rope laced through her soft muzzle. She’s also missing several teeth which were likely removed when she was just a cub and the claws on her hind limbs are also damaged. After spending two years being abused in the most violent of blood ‘sports’ known as bear baiting, Bhoori was rescued in 2011 and brought to the safety of the sanctuary.

Bhoori’s settled into her new peaceful life and loves her home. She’s a strong, confident and energetic bear who likes nothing better than splashing about in the fresh water pools, wandering through the lush green grasses and exploring wide-open spaces.

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