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By adopting a bear, you help provide everything a rescued bear needs at the Balkasar sanctuary in Pakistan, to live a happy, healthy life. Leela, Pooh, Rene and Bhoori suffered tremendously in their past lives as baiting bears. Your kind monthly support will ensure they receive nutritious food, proper vet care and plenty of enrichment to just be bears. Your adoption will continue for as long as we receive your monthly contributions. In addition, your support will also help protect other bears and animals around the world from cruelty and suffering. To get started, read about these four courageous bears below!

Your kindness means the world to these bears! In return, you will receive updates about their lives and the exclusive ‘The Bear Essentials’ newsletter, where you can read all about the sanctuary activity as well as bear news from around the world.

Once you sign up, you'll receive a very special welcome pack about your adopted bear in the mail. Your pack will contain an official certificate of adoption, photos of your bear and a fridge magnet.

When you adopt a bear, you help end the cruel exploitation of bears being used in entertainment. Working with local partners in Pakistan, your support ensures that bears abused for entertainment purposes can have a safe and peaceful home for the rest of their lives. Did you know that in Pakistan, owners who surrender their bears are provided new, cruelty-free ways to earn a living? In return, they sign an agreement promising to never own a bear again. Your support makes it possible for Leela, Pooh, Rene and Bhoori to live free from suffering forever.

picture of Maya, sitting in the grass

red heart

Marvellous Maya

Maya, which means "graciousness", used to spend her days tied up alone, forced to dance for tourists. Now, she lives happily in her forever home where she can play in the pool and spend time with her friends.

  • Female, Asiatic black bear
  • Maya loves: eating, sitting in the grass, the pool

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picture of Pooh with one paw raised
orange heart

Playful Pooh

Pooh is a sweet, loyal, playful bear who was left blind due to years of cruel abuse as a baiting bear. He lives in a special area of the sanctuary dedicated to disabled bears.

  • Male, Asiatic black bear
  • Pooh loves: eating, snoozing, playing

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picture of Rene

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Radiant Rene

Rene is the sanctuary’s most welcoming bear. She suffered a lot in her previous life, but that doesn’t stop her from enjoying her forever home.

  • Female, Asiatic black bear
  • Rene loves: exploring, being curious, making friends

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picture of Bhoori

orange heart

Brave Bhoori

Bhoori loves her home at the sanctuary – especially the water pools! It’s such a change from her past life where she was used as a baiting bear.

  • Female, brown Himalayan bear
  • Bhoori loves: fresh water pools, tall grass, wide-open spaces

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