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Posted on May 04 2015
On April 25th, a devastating 7.9 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal, causing many fatalities and widespread destruction. We are working with local authorities to
Posted on September 19 2016
Posted on June 07 2015
Our oceans are amazing, but these vibrant ecosystems are in crisis.
Posted on May 13 2015
Just two weeks after the biggest earthquake in 80 years left Nepal devastated and its animals in urgent need of attention, a second major earthquake has hit
Posted on March 29 2018
The health of our oceans and sea animals is in peril. Urgent action to turn the tide is needed, new research reveals.
Posted on March 08 2018
When fishing gear is lost or abandoned, it turns our oceans into a death-trap for sea animals – but seafood companies can help tackle this deadly threat
Posted on March 11 2019
On March 10th, we tragically lost a friend and colleague - and animals lost one of their most passionate advocates. But Jo Toole's vital work for wildlife will
Posted on November 20 2014
Leading experts commit to solving lost and abandoned fishing gear problem to protect marine animals
Posted on June 02 2017
Lost and discarded fishing nets bigger than football fields lurking in our oceans pose a deadly threat to marine life
Posted on November 17 2017
Microplastics, lost or discarded fishing gear and other plastic pollution are among our biggest threats to the environment. These plastics are hurting marine