Work with us to protect farm animals

We want to increase the welfare of the billions of farm animals involved in global food production. How will we achieve this? By working with businesses, like you, to create lasting change.

Make the triple bottom line

There are six important reasons why businesses should include farm animal welfare in their operations.

  1. Achieve CSR objectives: farm animal welfare is increasingly recognized as an important issue
  2. Address risk management: well-defined policies and close supply chain monitoring help identify and address potential risk
  3. Create market opportunities: consumers are buying humanely raised food more than ever
  4. Gain leadership and a competitive edge: early adopters can get competitive advantages
  5. Ensure supply chain security: including animal welfare in supply chain management enables forward planning
  6. Increasing regulation: get ahead of the curve by incorporating farm animal welfare now



Focus on animals, satisfy customers. We work tirelessly to make sure that farm animals used in companies’ supply chains and operations are treated humanely. Consumers expect nothing less.


Discover why we’re different. With our expertise, specialized tools and business-friendly approach, we guarantee a partnership that will meet both your needs and the needs of animals.


Team up with a global force. We have offices in 14 international cities, we’re active in more than 50 countries, and we have experts and relationships with recognized authorities ready to help you.

Creating a comprehensive strategy

It couldn’t be easier to incorporate farm animal welfare into your policies and practices thanks to our exclusive tools, including:

  • The Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare (supported in partnership with Compassion in World Farming and Coller Capital)
  • Gap analyses
  • Risk assessments
  • Materiality analyses
  • Research briefings

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A successful partnership for lasting impact 

In 2014, World Animal Protection signed a worldwide partnership with one of the world’s biggest food brands, Nestlé. This gives us a fantastic opportunity to improve the lives of millions of farm animals around the world. Nestlé made a commitment in 2012, which guides their efforts to ensure good animal welfare throughout its global food supply chains and across all product sectors. Together we'll grow Nestlé’s expertise on animal protection as a vital part of its Responsible Sourcing Strategy. Our focus is to ensure the highest possible levels of welfare for the rearing and caring of the millions of animals involved in global food production. We are confident our joined forces will have a positive impact for animals.