Petition to the Minister of International Development to protect animals during disasters

Animals are often the forgotten victims when a disaster strikes but including them in plans and relief efforts can mean the difference between life and death for animals and people alike.

One billion of the world’s poor – those most impacted by disasters - depend on farm animals for food and income. Protecting animals during disasters will not only reduce animal suffering, it will also save people’s lives and livelihoods and ultimately increase the effectiveness of Canada’s aid. That’s the message we are bringing to Canada’s Minister of International Development but we need your help collecting petition signatures.

Why a petition?

Petitions are a great way of informing decision-makers about the animal welfare issues we care about and convincing them to be a champion for our cause. Every time we get 25 signatures, we can ask a Member of Parliament (MP) to introduce the petition in the House of Commons and if a significant number of their constituents signed it, we’ll greatly increase our chances of gaining their support for our campaign.

While it is very difficult to get animal welfare on Parliament’s agenda, 15 minutes of every day that Parliament is in session is allocated to presenting petitions and the Minister is required to respond. It is a great way to bring our message directly to the people who can make or influence government policies to protect animals.

Here’s what you need to do to support our petition campaign

Print the petition from our website (front and back)
Ask your family, friends & co-workers to add their name, address and signature to show their support. There is no minimum age requirement to sign but you must be a Canadian resident and you can’t sign for someone else (unless they have an illness or disability but you also need a witness). Don’t forget to ask them to check the box if they want to be kept informed of our campaigns.
The petition will not be accepted by Parliament if it is altered. For example, you cannot cross out words or add commentary, stickers, address labels etc.
Once you have collected as many petitions as you think you can please mail the original copy back to us.

Conversation starters

Here are some ideas to help you get the conversation started:

  • Did you know that one billion people depend on animals for their livelihoods? Protecting animals in a disaster will help people in the developing world survive too. Sign this petition to help us make sure Canadian decision-makers better protect animals.
  • I’m helping to save animals and people alike. Sign this petition to our Minister of International Development and help make sure we protect animals in disasters. It reduces animal suffering and prevents poverty and starvation.
  • What do you think happens to animals during a drought or flood? Help make sure animals are part of disaster planning and help save people too. Sign this petition now!

Tell the world: