September 27 2013
We met Mohammed Nassor Mauly ('Mauly'), owner of 15 dogs, at his home. Mauly became involved with the government veterinary department as he helps liaise with a wide network of dog owners in Zanzibar. All his own dogs are vaccinated against rabies.
September 11 2013
Last month, our disaster response teams began working with communities in the North Atlantic Autonomous region (RAAN) of Nicaragua, following a series of tropical storms. Serious flooding has affected thousands of animals in 15 rural communities along the Prinzapolka River.
September 05 2013
We are celebrating! It’s the 10th year of our education work and we’re marking it by releasing a 3rd edition Concepts in Animal Welfare tool – our very successful, comprehensive animal welfare teaching syllabus; that forms part of our Advanced Concepts in Animal Welfare program.