You’ve fed thousands of dogs around the world during COVID-19


Paws for a moment and pat yourself on the back. You helped provide food and vet care to thousands of stray and abandoned dogs during the coronavirus pandemic. Thank you!

On behalf of homeless dogs and other vulnerable animals, right around the world, thanks for being there when they need you most. 

Vulnerable dogs everywhere are being adversely affected by coronavirus, but you’ve been by their side when they’ve needed you most. Find out how you’re helping dogs around the world right now. 

TONS of love for Brazil’s street dogs 

Brazil is home to more than 30 million stray dogs and cats. With no shelter or food, these animals rely on the kindness of strangers who bring them scraps and leftovers. Sadly, the pandemic has forced people to stay home so more animals are going without food or water.  

Many people are also abandoning their dogs due to misinformation about how coronavirus is spread.  

Rosangela Ribeiro, Campaign Manager at World Animal Protection Brazil said: 

“When I think that these animals were used to receiving affection, food, leftovers and suddenly the world turns upside down. They do not understand what is going on in this lockdown and they are suffering. They are the ones who suffer more – because they are very vulnerable and also invisible.” 

You helped deliver 18 tons of dog food and five tons of cat food to local organisations that feed and care for stray animals. Your generosity will help feed around 6,000 dogs every day for two weeks. Thank you.  

Stray dog

Credit: Rosânia Ramalho / Patas Unidas

Dogs were not alone in Sierra Leone  

Thank you for being side by side with street dogs in Sierra Leone. You have helped feed 120 hungry dogs at the Sierra Leone Animal Welfare Society (SLAW) every day for three months.  

The way the dogs reacted when they saw there was help on the horizon was truly heartwarming. As one staff member from SLAW commented: 

“One thing that captured my attention was seeing the dogs anxiously waiting for the vehicle and coming to welcome us. We gave them food and we noted their happiness with constant tail wagging, jumping and barking”.


Kenya’s canines and others say thanks 

On the other side of Africa, in Kenya, you helped 150 dogs, 90 cats, eight donkeys and one horse by getting much needed food, equipment and vet supplies to the Kenya Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (KSPCA).  

The team at KSPCA was delighted to receive much-needed dog and cat food as well as rabies vaccines for 100 dogs.  

“During this pandemic period, we've been struggling to keep up with the needs of the animals and we can only thank our partners such as World Animal Protection for extending their support to us." 

– Faisal Qureshi, Executive Officer, KSPCA 

Emily Mudoga (Companion Animal Campaign Manager) giving World Animal Protection donations to the Kenya Society for the Protection and Care of Animals.

You were there for abandoned dogs in Thailand 

Wat Hua Koo temple in Bangkok has been inundated with hungry, homeless dogs. 

Somsak Soonthornnawaphat, Head of Campaigns, World Animal Protection Thailand said:  

“During the pandemic people are mostly living under restrictions – businesses are closed and people have no work. Because of this, many people are jobless so they have travelled back to their hometown in a different region. This has led to more dogs without proper care”.  

Kind supporters just like you helped pay for two tons of food to feed over 300 dogs at the temple. And, with your help, the Thai team were also able to vaccinate 22 dogs so they could be released into a more spacious shelter. 

Stray dog

Credit: Krit Phromsakla Na Sakolnakorn

On behalf of homeless dogs and other vulnerable animals, right around the world, thanks for being there when they need you most.