Make a New Year’s resolution for animals

January 07 2019

Animals can’t make New Year’s resolutions to transform their own lives but you can help stop their suffering.

Every year, billions of animals worldwide suffer needlessly. Chickens are factory farmed in appalling conditions, stray dogs are culled in misguided attempts to tackle rabies, and elephants are beaten so they will take tourists for rides.

Here are five great ways you can help us make a difference for animals with us in 2019:

1. Don’t support entertainment that harms wildlife

Your choices on holiday have the power to reduce demand for cruel attractions and save animal lives. Each year, over 500,000 wild animals are trapped, confined and forced to live and behave unnaturally to entertain tourists. Pledge to be an animal-friendly traveller and help end this cycle of cruelty. You’ll be demonstrating to travel companies and tour operators that there is demand for elephant-friendly venues.

​2. Ask Walmart Canada to be a vocal leader in Raising Pigs Right

As one of the largest pig producers, Walmart can help create a better future for millions of factory farmed pigs. 92% of Canadians believe it's important that pigs are reared in conditions with high welfare standards. Are you one of them? Add your name to our petition to join us in telling Walmart Canada to take a stand for pigs.

3. Provide the best care for your pet 

Most people in Canada have good access to veterinary care but the best way to keep pets healthy is by consistently meeting their needs ourselves, every day. Learn about the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare checklist to ensure your pets are happy and healthy this year.

4. Help us protect more animals in need

In 2018, you helped protect millions of animals around the world – from disasters, in communities, on farms and in the wild.

You could help us move achieve even more by pledging a monthly gift. Your donation could help fund ground-breaking investigations and research that exposes animal suffering, save animals affected by natural disasters or support change for animals.

5. Be a voice for animals

Learn more about animals, the latest issues that impact them and what we’re doing to move the world to protect animals by sharing our news from our Facebook page.

Thank you for your continuing support that is helping to protect countless animals around the world.

Here are five great ways you can help us make a difference for animals with us in 2019.

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