Your support is making a difference for animals

You are making real and lasting change happen. It is because of your commitment and belief that every animal deserves a life worth living, that World Animal Protection can find long-term sustainable solutions to stop animal exploitation, cruelty and suffering. Thank you!

Here are some of the latest good news stories you have made possible:

You helped successfully relocate Mundi the elephant to her new home

  • For the last 35 years, Mundi has been isolated in a zoo in Puerto Rico. Due to the zoo facing closure, all the animals must be relocated. The Wild Animal Sanctuary was able to put the rescue in place, and World Animal Protection stepped in to aid with transportation to her new home at ERNA. After transporting her by airplane, she is now settling into her new home. Thank you for making this happen.

You shed a light on the neglected welfare of end-of-life (“cull”) dairy cows in Canada

  • Thanks to your support, our latest report Milking the cow: the fate of Canadian cull dairy cows highlights the poor welfare and suffering often experienced by cull dairy cows. It offers key recommendations to improve their welfare and calls for a multi-stakeholder approach to address the systemic failures that perpetuate animal suffering. Watch our Farming Campaign Manager, Lynn Kavanagh, talk with Global TV about this report. 

You are helping to end the sale of wild animals at PetSmart

  • Two years after launching our campaign urging PetSmart to stop the sale of wild animals as pets, World Animal Protection is now in conversation with key staff members about this animal welfare issue. Your continued support has made this possible and brings us one step closer to getting a commitment from PetSmart to phase out the sale of reptiles and amphibians in their stores. Thank you!

You launched wildlife-friendly medicine in China

  • Thanks to you, we have successfully launched the Wildlife Friendly Medicine Initiative, the first of its kind to launch in China. This new initiative will call on the traditional Chinese medicine industry to encourage the use of wildlife-friendly and herbal alternatives.
A three-toed in the wild.
A group of piglets at a high welfare farm

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A better future for farm animals and wildlife

While there are many good things happening for animals at this time, there is still more work to be done to improve their lives. To make real and lasting change possible, it takes time to bring together experts, meet with company and government officials, identify opportunities, explore long-term solutions, share findings and ultimately put an end to the suffering of animals. 

World Animal Protection is focused on transforming the global systems that cause immense suffering to animals. By addressing the root causes of animal suffering, we can make the biggest difference for the greatest number of animals. Together with amazing supporters like you we will ensure farm animals live good lives by transforming the food system as well as stop wild animals from being cruelly exploited as commodities by changing the systems that allow it.

With your ongoing support, World Animal Protection is:

  • Uniting governments and businesses to end the wildlife trade. 
  • Moving the Canadian government to commit to curbing the commercial wildlife trade and to champion wildlife protection at global policy forums.
  • Working to stop wild animals from being cruelly exploited as commodities for entertainment, Traditional Asian Medicine (TAM) or as exotic pets.
  • Providing funding to sanctuaries to feed and care for rescued animals like bears and elephants.
  • Working to ban the prophylactic use of antibiotics in farming and encouraging governments and leading food companies to adopt better farm animal welfare policies.
  • Moving people to consider eating less meat and more plant-based foods to help reduce the world’s dependence on factory farming.
  • Exposing how factory farming contributes to climate change and biodiversity loss.
  • Working to change global financial investment systems that are fueling factory farming expansion.