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Download our 2017 audited financial report. 

Download our 2016 audited financial report. 

In order to carry out our global animal protection programs and build a strong future for the animals, World Animal Protection must expend some money on fundraising. We strive to conduct our fundraising in a responsible manner, with the highest level of integrity and care for how donor funds are being spent. 

Our commitment is that no more will be spent on administration and fundraising than is required to ensure effective management and resource development. The program is reviewed regularly for this very reason. 

As part of their guidelines for charities, the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) evaluates the ratio of fundraising costs to fundraising revenue. A ratio of less than 35% is considered acceptable, or “unlikely to generate questions or concerns”. 

See the complete CRA guidelines on fundraising.

Download our 2017 Global Review.

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November 16 2018
We have the perfect gift for any animal-lover: the gift of helping animals. Give the gift of saving dogs’ lives, rescuing bears from cruel “entertainment,” or unshackling captive elephants.