Elephants like Lucy need your help now

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Thousands of elephants are kept in captivity to entertain tourists around the world. Many elephants are brutally beaten to give tourists rides and to perform in shows. Here in Canada, more than 20 elephants remain in captivity, including Lucy who lives all alone at a zoo in Edmonton. For socially complex, intelligent and vast roaming animals like elephants, captivity can be quite cruel.

By making a donation today, you will be helping us end elephant captivity in Canada and pass stronger measures to protect elephants globally.

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Photograph by: Jo-Anne McArthur, We Animals Media / Zoocheck

Our vision is a world where animals live free from cruelty and suffering. Together we can move the world to protect animals.
An elephant in captivity at a zoo.
Across Canada, hundreds of thousands of wild animals are suffering in cruel entertainment venues and private homes. The Jane Goodall Bill is the first step towards creating a better world for these animals.
An elephant walking in the wild
Learn more about the historic Jane Goodall Act with 3 kid-friendly crafts that will help you get involved and learn how to take action to help Canada protect 800 wild animal species.
Elephants at Chang Chill sanctuary
With your support, we are giving 10 elephant venues the critical financial support they need. When you donate, you will provide food, supplements, and the much-needed veterinary care to help ensure each elephant’s survival.