Double your impact for rescued bears!

Right now, your gift will have 2x the impact for rescued bears! All gifts will be matched up to $40,000 thanks to a generous anonymous donor.

Your gift can provide essential care for over 115 bears at our partner sanctuary, Libearty. Bears like Halewood, who has endured years of suffering in captivity, can finally have peaceful and natural lives.

A bear rolling in the grass in a sanctuary
A gift of $67 will become $134 and can feed a hungry bear for two weeks!
A baby bear being examined by a vet
A gift of $110 will become $220 providing veterinary care to formerly abused bears.
A captive bear in a cage
A gift of $168 doubles to $336 to ensure bears in need are rescued and cared for.

Together, let's make this the last generation of wildlife to suffer in captivity. Join us in our mission to help bears thrive and donate today!

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Our vision is a world where animals live free from cruelty and suffering. Together we can move the world to protect animals.
Leela and Bhoori in their new home, Balkasar Sanctuary
For three decades we have worked, alongside partners and with our supporters, to end the suffering of bears. Together, we are changing the lives of bears. Forever.
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Bears that have been rescued from years in captivity are often unable to be released back into the wild. A genuine bear sanctuary offers a place for these rescued bears to retire.
Bears at Zarnesti bear sanctuary
Not all places that call themselves “sanctuaries” are genuine. Learn more about how to tell if it’s a good sanctuary – one that puts the animal’s welfare first.