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Safety for bears

In India, our long-standing work to end the cruel practice of ‘dancing bears’ came to a rewarding conclusion, as the government recognized WSPA’s success in helping to end this suffering within India and introduced national legislation to protect bears. Our Indian office is now focusing on urgent new projects.

The good bear news continued in Romania, where the final enclosure of the Zarnesti sanctuary – funded by WSPA supporters – opened to provide a life-long home for seven more suffering bears.

And in Pakistan, bear baiting events are now at an all-time low, with 10 bears rescued from the horrors of the baiting ring in 2012. You have ensured they are now safe in the peaceful WSPA sanctuary at Balkasar.

Protecting animals in disasters

In 2012, our expert disaster teams worked hard to prepare vulnerable communities to safeguard their animals in the face of natural disasters, and came to the rescue when the worst happened.

Over 137,000 animals were directly fed, treated or cared for by WSPA – in India, Mexico and elsewhere – with many more benefiting from the expertise we shared. Our work to prepare communities was embraced by nations as diverse as Costa Rica, New Zealand and Vietnam.

Kinder, better farming

There was an amazing first as WSPA’s lobbying efforts saw farm animal welfare acknowledged as a sustainability issue for the first time by the United Nations. This places animal well-being firmly in the frame as the world discusses its key challenges, including poverty and climate change.

We also launched large-scale campaigns, to keep European dairy cows on grass by protecting their chance to feel daylight and graze on grass, and to make the urgent case for cage free eggs in North America.

These campaigns will continue through 2013 and we look forward to improving many, many farm animals’ lives.

There’s so much more thank our supporters for

This is just a small selection of our work for animal welfare in 2012. WSPA was part of exciting achievements for animals in many other areas, including:

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You can help

Over the next five years, we’re planning to help millions of animals. We’re expanding and developing our programs with a clear focus on helping end the worst forms of suffering for the greatest number of animals.

It all starts with you —

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