Joining forces to save dogs in China

Shi Jianzhong, Deputy Director of CADC, and Li Guozhi, Director of WSPA, signed the cooperation agreement

The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) and the China Animal Disease Control Center (CADC) have signed an exciting agreement to work together on a four-year project to save at least 500,000 dogs from being needlessly culled in response to rabies.

Preliminary research indicates that tens of thousands of dogs are culled annually due to rabies in China, especially in the southern and eastern provinces. But, as research has proven again and again, culling dogs does not stop rabies.

As this deadly disease continues to spread to the north and west of the country, the risk of even more dogs being needlessly killed increases. Through our global Collars Not Cruelty campaign, WSPA is calling for an end to this brutal killing by promoting the only effective and sustainable solution to rabies: mass dog vaccination.

Now, with the China Animal Disease Control Center as partners, we can make real inroads to protecting animals’ lives in China.

Phase one: making the case against cruelty

The first phase of this project will focus on researching and identifying opportunities to demonstrate the effectiveness of vaccination to control rabies in China, including setting up pilot mass dog vaccination programs and intervening in selected areas where culling for rabies control has been carried out.

The results of this work will form the foundation of a compelling business case to support the Chinese government in adopting this humane approach nationally.

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