Tragedy strikes Balkasar: Pari passes away

Pari, meaning 'fairy', at Balkasar

Pari, meaning 'fairy', at Balkasar

Today, we have had some terribly sad news from the WSPA-funded sanctuary at Balkasar.

Pari, one of the smallest bears at the sanctuary, tragically died during the night of July 29th, from what we believe was a fatal snake bite.

Sadly, poisonous snakes are common in rural Pakistan and, just like humans, bears are susceptible to the deadly venom of some species.

WSPA and our local partner, the Bioresource Research Centre, are devastated by the loss of Pari who was only rescued from a life of bear baiting in January this year.

Pari had recently joined the other bears in the main enclosure after recuperating from an old paw injury and appeared to be enjoying her new home at the sanctuary.

The BRC is now investigating and hope to see if there is anything they can do to prevent this tragedy happening in the future.

Our partnership with the BRC began in 1997. Together we have reduced the number of bears being used in the brutal ‘sport’ of baiting to around 50. Balkasar sanctuary has been open since 2010 and currently houses 16 bears.

Thanks to funds from our supporters, WSPA is able to keep working hard to rescue the remaining bears in bear baiting arenas, and to continue to care for and treat the rescued bears in the sanctuary.

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